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Digital Transformation
Vinci Digital

Digital Transformation

🔹VINCI Digital acts as an INDEPENDENT Trusted Advisor, focusing on Industrial IoT [IIoT] + AI / Generative AI [GenAI] disruptive technologies, which are consistently revolutionizing how companies operate and growth, and shaping new winning business models.

🔹VINCI Digital performs also as Venture Partner at KOBO Funds, a digital de-centralised investment banking platform, launched around an international community of seasoned Venture Partners, providing pre-screened opportunities to qualified investors.

Industrial IoT + AI / Generative AI
Strategic Advisory
Strategic Scouting
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Best Practices
Industrial IoT + Generative AI Market Maps
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Innovation Workshop
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Case Studies
Selection & Prioritization
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GTM Strategy & Execution
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PoV > PoC > Pilot
Execute >>> Scale
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Let's talk about your needs in a complimentary initial meeting.

VINCI Digital
Industrial IoT + AI / Generative AI
Strategic Advisory

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<<< VINCI Digital >>>

Your Global Industrial IoT + AI / GenAI Strategy Partner🚀🚀🚀

"Unlock growth with our
expert guidance

We specialize in Industrial IoT and Generative AI business strategy, empowering startups with effective GTM strategies and execution, and providing venture capital funding and advisory services.

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VINCI Digital's extensive expertise, combined with its global coverage and deep industry knowledge, makes it uniquely qualified to help its clients succeed.

If you are an industrial company looking to accelerate your digital transformation with IIoT and AI / GenAI, or if you are a startup developing innovative IIoT and AI / GenAI solutions, contact VINCI Digital today to learn more about how we can help you succeed.

vinci digital industrial strategy

VINCI Digital's clients benefit from our deep expertise in IIoT, AI / GenAI, and industrial strategy.

Proven track record of helping companies achieve their digital transformation goals and realize the benefits of IIoT and AI / GenAI:

> Increased operational efficiency           and productivity

> Reduced costs

> Improved product quality and               reliability

> New revenue opportunities

> Enhanced customer satisfaction

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Shift to a Continuous,
Iterative Approach

Managing and Operating Concurrent Interconnected Efforts 

vinci digital approach
vinci digital approach

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IIoT + AI / GenAI Actual Case Studies

How generative AI helped train Amazon One to recognize your palm: No wallet, no phone, no problem.

A neural network learned from images of millions of artificial hands to achieve accuracy higher than scanning two irises.

Toyota Research Institute Unveils Breakthrough in Teaching Robots New Behaviors: Today, Toyota Research Institute (TRI) announced a breakthrough generative AI approach based on Diffusion Policy to quickly and confidently teach robots new, dexterous skills.

AI is making smart manufacturing faster, greener, virtual — and more real: BMW Group plans to open a new electric vehicle plant in Debrecen, Hungary, in 2025.

This [Italian] Startup Is Building the Internet of Underwater Things: WSense’s innovative networking systems are transforming how we explore ocean environments.

sereact youtube.png

Sereact's PickGPT | Instruct your robots with natural language: PickGPT combines the power of Large Language Models [generative AI] with Sereact’s computer vision models. The transformer model allows users to give instructions and feedback to robots through speech or text, making robot operation an intuitive task for all your employees regardless prior knowledge.

Predictive Maintenance For Connected Vehicles

► London's Diesel Electric Hybrid Buses:
Vantage Power accelerates time-to-market by six months reducing operational costs by over 80%.

Industrial IoT
Innovation Radar

Innovation & Disruptive Technologies Radar

vinci digital iiot genai strategic advisory

VINCI Digital, your INDEPENDENT TRUSTED ADVISOR to better select and successfully implement end-to-end IIoT + AI / GenAI solutions

“...When in 2021 I was working on a microgrid startup project - part of the Next47 internal CVC program, in partnership with the Alchemist AcceleratorFabio Bottacci, VINCI Digital founder & CEO advised my colleague and me, providing examples and suggestions from his vast field experience, in particular for digital services as a revenue stream, which were a major component of our business model.

Fabio was able to simplify complex concepts to make them easily understandable and applicable: It has been very productive and a pleasure working with him!”

Paolo Paglialunga, Sales Manager at Siemens Energy, Canada 

Let's talk about your needs in a complimentary initial meeting.


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